Technical Consulting

As well as our core penetration testing, incident response and technical assurance services, we also provide bespoke technical consultancy to address your unique requirements, including:

  • Bespoke Technical Consultancy – At Cyberis we listen to our customers; if you require specific technical security consultancy for your IT enterprise, at the project-level, an individual system or new technology, we can almost certainly help.  Collectively, our consultants have a vast amount of technical expertise and draw on experience from diverse technical backgrounds.
  • Technical Architecture Assessment – An architecture assessment provides a technical security review of an information system or entire IT estate.  This approach provides an inclusive view, that considers the collective effectiveness of security controls and countermeasures to reduce risks.  An architecture review will also identify requirements for targeted technical assurance, such as penetration tests or focused configuration reviews – where it is deemed necessary.
  • Technical Security Standards – High-quality technical security standards are essential for supporting many enterprise-level information security policies and procedures.  Technical standards developed by Cyberis can address many security requirements across a vast range of information systems.  Cyberis standards are typically used to bridge the gap between policies and well-developed/maintained technical configuration-level standards published by reputable organisations such as HMG, NIST and CIS; the standards we deliver are designed to be practical and achievable, by using a prioritised approach that considers business impact and exposure to threats.