Cyber Threat Seminar

Cyber threats are gradually dominating the press, as attacks advance and concerns grow around the loss of customer data and commercially sensitive information.

Today's necessity to work online requires a defence-in-depth approach combating cyber threats. Many organisations underestimate the importance and value of an awareness and education programme as one of the most important controls in the defence of modern day cyber threats. As new vulnerabilities and techniques emerge daily, only the most advanced security standards and technical controls can prevent compromise. Attack signatures and detection of compromise are often only identifiable several days after an initial incident occurred.

Information security education is no longer just about the communication of policies and vigilance in the work place. It requires an advanced training methodology to enable the workforce to make the right decisions, through an understanding of threats and human behaviour. This may require a change of information security culture through an awareness of trust.

The most common cyber attack is 'phishing', or variants, such as targeted 'spear-phishing'. Attackers typically rely on a range of anticipated human behavioural and social responses; based on the information they present to achieve their objective.

Statistics show that even in organisations with a mature security posture, 1 in 5 employees will, in some way, respond adversely to cyber attacks, typically through an emotional response triggered by the content

The Cyber Threat Seminar will guide your workforce through a range of real life attacks, and by observational learning, educate employees through greater self-awareness and judgement. To gain maximum benefit we prefer a classroom-style approach, to encourage face-to-face participation and interaction with the seminar leader.

Our seminars are always customised to your organisation's requirements; this is important in the observational response and process education. Our consultants will conduct a planning meeting to discuss incorporation of your policies, processes and procedures. We will also take the opportunity to review this documentation to ensure it reflects industry best practice.

The Cyber Threat Seminar is two hours in duration, followed by a short, general information security Q&A session. An aide-mémoire card will be given to each delegate at the closure.

Key benefits

  • An essential component in your defence against end-user/end-point web and email based cyber threats
  • The seminar is tailored to your information security policies, processes and procedures, so delegates learn through practical observation
  • Delegates understand the importance of their role in the bigger picture of the information security programme