Shutting the Door on the Attacker

There's no such thing as infallible security, and preventing every single security breach is impossible.

But when a breach does happen, the steps an organization takes next will largely determine the damage they suffer, and how the business recovers. A security team's first reaction is often to move to eject the attackers. But is that always the right strategy? Especially when it comes to advanced threats, there is a case for biding your time, and gathering intelligence.

Cyberis Director, Geoff Jones, is debating the pros and cons of incident response tactics in a webinar run by Infosecurity Magazine. The following discussion points will be covered:

  • Why acting too quickly might cause more disruption
  • Key points to consider when choosing an expulsion approach
  • Critical areas to focus on when expelling attackers from the network ends

Date: 30 Jun 2016,

Time: 15:00 BST, 10:00 EDT

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