Vacancy - Consultant

Cyberis is an innovative cyber security consultancy based in Tewkesbury. We deliver industry-leading technical assurance and cyber security advice, including penetration testing and simulated attacks, to our customers across a wide range of verticals.

We are hiring highly motivated and enthusiastic candidates to join our team of cyber security consultants providing high-quality targeted assurance, advice and guidance to our customers. Our vision is to build the most respected team in the information security industry.

Incident Response Week

Ever wondered if you're prepared for a cyber security incident? This week, one of our Directors, Gemma Moore, is guiding you through incident preparation and handling.

Follow us on Twitter for the mini-how-to series, and view the previous blogs here:

Monday: The Five P's

Tuesday: Identifying The Incident

Wednesday: Defining Your Objectives

Thursday: Enacting Your Response

Friday: After The Storm

Cyber Essentials – The Long Road to Certification

There is some confusion surrounding Cyber Essentials; what it is, why people need it and often there is a misinterpretation that Certifying Bodies are responsible for the schemes rules. Cyber Essentials is a relatively new certification. It has been mandated since October 2014 for UK government suppliers, although it is not limited to them, non-government organisations are encouraged to seek to obtain the certification.