Code Roulette: Windows Internal Complexities

Since its inception, the Windows operating system has been a recognizable force within the IT industry and grew increasingly common throughout the 90's and 2000's. Features of the operating system have grown over the last 20 years in response to the changing needs within the industry and shifts in attitudes towards system management, user experience and scale.


The Human Cost of Social Engineering

Adversary simulation, simulated targeted attack, red teaming… Whatever you want to call it, a technical exercise that assesses your defences by simulating the tactics, techniques and procedures of a real attacker is of great value – especially when you want to understand how well your incident response plans hold out against attack.

Simulating the whole attack chain for most adversaries means that we are not just targeting technology – we are also targeting processes and people.

Cyberis achieves CREST STAR-FS accreditation

Cyberis has become one of the first cyber security companies to receive accreditation for the CREST STAR-FS framework to deliver intelligence-led penetration testing for the financial sector. The Simulated Target Attack and Response (STAR) scheme has been developed by CREST to meet the needs of Regulators to better understand the current cyber security posture of regulated financial services companies and identify where improvements in security arrangements need to be applied.


EDR: Is it worth it?

When working with smaller businesses, sometimes we’re asked whether Endpoint Detection and Response solutions are worth the money, over and above traditional anti-virus.  Much of the time, EDR is used in large enterprises in conjunction with a sizeable technical team of experienced professionals who engage in active response and threat hunting as their full-time job.  It can be difficult for smaller businesses to see where EDR might fit in.