Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is an integral part of any comprehensive information security strategy; Cyberis recommends that it becomes part of your organisation's technical assurance programme. When used in conjunction with complementary strategies, such as in-depth penetration testing for your infrastructure and applications, regular vulnerability assessments can provide you with an ongoing assurance baseline for your systems.

Cyberis' vulnerability assessment includes a full discovery phase, enumerating visible systems and services, before these are comprehensively scanned using automated tools for known vulnerabilities, weaknesses and exposures. A skilled consultant will review the results of automated tests and ensure that these are manually verified and their risk tailored correctly to the profile of your environment.

The output of this exercise will be a comprehensive report detailing all issues identified during the assessment, and practical remediation advice for systems administrators and application owners, allowing you to manage treatment internally and prioritise your resources.

Key benefits

  • Meet internal and external compliance requirements
  • Obtain interim baseline results for established systems between penetration tests or following system changes
  • Provide a basic level of security assurance for systems where a less-costly alternative to a penetration test is required
  • Monitor progress in risk treatment within the organisation