Firewall Configuration Review

Firewalls are a primary line of defence for networked environments. Any error in configuration or management oversight in your firewalls can leave your systems exposed to unanticipated threat. Cyberis' firewall configuration review will help you understand where you are causing unnecessary exposure to your systems, and how your firewall configurations can be improved to increase security.

During the review, Cyberis consultants will seek to understand your network and your business requirements, consulting network diagrams and firewall configuration standards to gain context for the engagement.

Drawing on your standards and on recognised industry best practices, the configuration of your firewalls will be assessed with a view to identifying any rules or settings which could present a risk to your systems.

The firewall configuration review will seek to determine where access permissions can be tightened, and where management procedures can be refined to increase protection of the devices themselves. Aspects such as change control, user management and rulebase clarity will be assessed, as well as the quality and granularity of the configured rules.

The final report will aim to provide recommendations for improvements to the specific rules within the firewall, and to identify changes to firewall management processes which will improve the quality of protection provided on an ongoing basis.

Key benefits

  • Understand whether any weaknesses in configuration are causing unnecessary exposure within your environment
  • Identify weaknesses in firewall management procedures which can be improved upon in future
  • Ensure that your change control processes are working properly
  • Meet internal and external compliance requirements for conducting due diligence on firewall configuration