Application Security Test

Your business applications are at the heart of your operations. They allow your staff to do their jobs; they hold your customer data; they help enforce your business processes. But what if these applications are not secure? Cyberis can help you identify security flaws within your application, whether introduced through design or implementation, and can interpret the risks to your business in a relevant and concise way so that you can focus your resources to fix the problems.

Cyberis' application security assessment will include an initial consultation phase, where we will understand your application and the business processes it supports. Cyberis will interpret your application's security requirements and your risk appetite to ensure that testing covers all relevant areas.

The application security test will assess all elements of application functionality, both for simple flaws (such as input validation errors) and for complex weaknesses (such as flaws in the implementation of business logic), in line with the OWASP Top 10 and Cyberis' comprehensive methodology. Cyberis' service also includes an assessment of the supporting infrastructure for weaknesses that could compromise underlying servers.

The report provided by Cyberis will highlight the real risk to your business of the issues identified, and will provide practical and constructive remediation advice, including suggested compensating controls where possible.

Before the report is finalised, Cyberis will conduct a debrief with your team to ensure that the issues highlighted are well-understood, and to discuss priorities for remedial action in a way that works for your business.

Key benefits

  • Gain a comprehensive profile of the risk presented by your applications
  • Receive practical and measured remediation advice to allow you to reduce your exposure
  • Highlight problems in the software development lifecycle so that these may be addressed at root cause, for long term assurance
  • Demonstrate due diligence in the protection of your own information and that of your clients