November 2016

Who can you trust to test out your IT defences? 

Behind every high-profile data-breach headline, there are 100s of other similar stories of cyber attacks that cause major financial pain and reputational loss to their victims. The fact is that cyber crime is no longer a backroom activity but a growing business, driven by hacktivist groups, organised criminal gangs and state-sponsored cyber terrorists. And attacks are no longer directed only at government organisations, large financial institutions and corporations. Companies of all types and sizes are now facing increasing internal and external threats.    


Internal Indicators of Compromise: Understanding Your Data

The threat landscape is constantly evolving.  The skillsets and techniques used by adversaries constantly evolve in terms of sophistication and efficacy.  There's an arms race going on, and offensive capabilities tend to be outstripping defensive controls.

Some ubiquitous threat actors, such as those criminal gangs running ransomware operations, may not care too much about what data you have within your network.  Most organisations are targeted by a range of threat actors, however, and some may be highly driven to gain access to your assets.