August 2013

Vulnerabilities that just won't die - Compression Bombs

Recently Cyberis has reviewed a number of next-generation firewalls and content inspection devices - a subset of the test cases we formed related to compression bombs - specifically delivered over HTTP. The research prompted us to take another look at how modern browsers handle such content given that the vulnerability (or perhaps more accurately, ‘common weakness’ - has been reported and well known for over ten years.


Egresser - Tool to Enumerate Outbound Firewall Rules

Egresser is a tool to enumerate outbound firewall rules, designed for penetration testers to assess whether egress filtering is adequate from within a corporate network. Probing each TCP port in turn, the Egresser server will respond with the client’s source IP address and port, allowing the client to determine whether or not the outbound port is permitted (both on IPv4 and IPv6) and to assess whether NAT traversal is likely to be taking place.