July 2012

Update to Webscour.pl

We've made a few improvements to webscour.pl - a web site thumbnailer that works from IP/port pairs piped from STDIN (previous post here). The script is a little more resilient to failures and time-outs now, both in LWP and in the only shell dependency - gnome-web-photo. Unlike a few of the other similar scripts and tools out there,webscour.pl attempts to determine whether a service is HTTP or HTTPS, and works on any TCP port - not just 80 and 443.

'Expect' Scripts to Perform Build Reviews of Linux/Unix Hosts

A host implementation review, more commonly known as a build review, can provide systems administrators with a comprehensive picture of the security of their build. Typically, a review allows the client to gain assurance of internal build standards and also meet external compliance requirements by assessing the following areas: